Pictorial Allsorts

By calvininjax

Parking Problem

The problem of squirrels parking at Willowbranch Park has led the City of Jacksonville to erect, I don't know if that is strictly correct seeing as how the sign is lying flat, a no parking sign among the leaf litter.

The sight of the sign lying there made me smile but then again I'm weird. :-)

Not a bad day today. A trial 16 x 24 print of one of the photographs on my web site has turned out a treat. I was worried it might lose some of its sharpness but it printed really well and is destined as a birthday present for a dear friend. Yes, I do have one, just the one mind. I don't want to get the reputation of being sociable. :-)

Second session of counselling took place this morning. Initially, I don't think it achieved much other than making Dr Westberg, my doctor and not the psychologist, laugh.

Dr Westberg is off to Tanzania for five weeks to help out in some rural area. She seems really excited by the prospect. I hope she gets on okay.

My next appointment must wait until March and her return. I was offered a substitute but I declined. I am renowned for my loyalty, if little else.

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