The Wicker Man

Today I went on a proper mission to the area I grew up in to try and secure a really good blip. As it is I've certainly secured blipping potential for the next three weeks. In order I visited Tupholme Abbey, Southrey, Bardney, Chambers Woods, Wragby and Goltho. In Wragby (my town) I stopped at around six different locations. It's been a great day.

The best place was probably Tupholme Abbey. I plan to go back and blip the actual Abbey itself at a later date (maybe tomorrow) so I shall save the history lesson until then. However whilst at the Abbey I had a little walk around the 'grounds' and came across this little thing. I use the term little very, very loosely as this is actually around ten feet tall. There is no plaque, no explanation as to why it is there however I can confirm it is there, 10 feet tall and at first glance mildly disturbing.

Wragby and Bardney are the areas I remember as a kid, and Chambers Woods is in the middle of the two: this is where I spent the first ten years of my life. I loved growing up in the woods, and was a little disappointed to find it overrun with dog walkers, nature enthusiasts and the elderly. I think I always use to have it down as an oasis of calm, so to find it busier than Lincoln Station made me feel a little cheated. That's why there is no blip from here.

That has to be the most I've ever written about an actual photograph! I could have written more, all about Tupholme Abbey, the history, the 1970's festival etc etc. You've got all that to come you lucky blippers.

Personally? Not really chilled out from yesterdays debacle against Hereford. My football club runs through my veins and when it suffers, I suffer to. So besides the little outing today I have little / nothing to report really.

I do appear to have found a date for the meal. My friend Michelle whom I went out with on New Years Eve is up for it as 'a last resort' she says. I actually wanted to ask her first, we've been mates for seventeen years now but she has recently split with her fella (and a friend of mine) Dave. They're teetering on the brink of getting back together and I thought a Gary-date might hinder that process. I'm fairly sure now that it won't.

Wow nothing funny. I must be losing my touch. Nothing to moan about either........ Maybe I'm poorly.

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