Totally pooped and glad to be home. Caught or developed another sinus/chest infection. Have to work tomorrow to pull off an event that is planned.

Did manage to pick up a little waterproof notepad...even the paper is waterproof. How cool is that? :) I can't wait to capture some of my boys' little stories of partial truth or pure fiction.

A friend of mine gave me an amazing compliment today in the hallway at work. She's sort of like a spare mom too, so that makes it even better. Thanks K for your love and support. :) And my good friend S came by for a visit. So nice to see her. :)

My boys are still asleep, and it's almost 6pm. Strange.

I didn't leave work at all today, so I didn't manage anything exciting. So some experimenting with a CD, vegetable oil and a flashlight for me tonight. This one is straight out of the camera, as I have no clue what else to do with it! haha

Some hot tea and off to bed with me. G'night!

Oh, and please take a moment to check out Amy Cook. She's new to blipfoto, but not to photography. She is awesome with the little people for sure!!

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