The Lozarithm Lens

By lozarithm

Bowood Lake

I admit that I left my perch at the Lansdowne Arms in Derry Hill with some reluctance, but the lengthy march across the Bowood estate had many rewards. There are some public footpaths across the estate but it wasn't clear from the map if I could get to where I wanted as they didn't connect. In fact there were other paths marked as 'permissive' for pedestrians along the side of the golf course which enabled me to get to Bowood Lake near its south side. On the way I went past Bowood House on my left and was also rewarded with the sight of two herons flying to their nests on my right.

On the lake I saw this pair of great crested grebes, some coots (having just said they weren't to be found in my neck of the woods), cormorants and Canada geese, and on my way back I saw a pair of swans that had been sleeping by a pool on the golf course but were now gliding on it.

It was probably just paranoia, but as I was nearing the entrance after sunset I kept getting the feeling I was being watched.

I chose the lake photograph as it was the subject of the walk, but I think the swan picture is my favourite image of the day.

Incidentally, I have completed my test of the Tokina 19-35mm f3.5 lens and I liked the glass very much. I used it a lot on my SLRs when, of course, it provided wider-angle photographs than it does on the DSLR with its smaller sensor. It will be a very useful stand-by, but it has a smaller spread of focal lengths than both the 18-55mm kit lens and the Pentax 16-45mm, both of which were designed for digital cameras and have excellent optics. I did also find the gap between 35mm and the 70mm on the Sigma lens that I was using with it in combination was restrictive.

Lens: Sigma 70-300mm

Alternatives (Pentax 18-55mm, including Lansdowne Arms shot):
Bowood House and Lake
Swans on the Golf Course Pond

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