secret garden

By freespiral

Sleeping beauty

Cold and frosty morning and only an hour's work! A hectic hour though - a Bulgarian woman arrived offering Living history Celtic workshops ; a PhD student came to observe small people at work;  an occupational therapist  swung by to check on smallest girl and as I left the local canon and female rector were also heading our way.

Glorious sunshine and foot loose and fancy free I headed back to this house to see if I could get a better look at things. I went to the next door smart but boring bungalow and made inquiries - see I'm not just snooping! It turns out they do not own the old farm but confirmed that an old boy had lived there and it had been empty for ages. I was assured no-one would mind if I did a bit of trespassing. The briars were ferocious and thick and foolishly and unusually I was wearing a skirt and got completely entwined and shredded. Blood was drawn. Frustratingly I couldn't get in but I could peer in through one window to see that it had all its bits - flags, built in dresser, big fireplace. It has a very positive feel to it. I like it.

Home to more research on the cards - another meeting with Lisa tomorrow. Having felt a bit despondent I now feel more confident and have found two good online companies - one will print directly onto the card and provide enveloped and poly bags. The other provides cards with windows and we'd have to pop the print in - fiddly but more arty. Decisions, decisions.

Think I may whisk himself off for a pizza followed by a film - Love and other Drugs may be a possibility.

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