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By sgwarnog

Theatre of Mirrors

I've made if to my fiftieth consecutive blip, and in celebration I've mapped my blips here (you may need to give it a few moments to fully load.) One thing the map reveals is that I haven't strayed very far during my first fifty days, with two clusters around where I work (Bradford) and where I live (Baildon). If you zoom out, you'll find the one outlier.

So for now, my blipfoto blog has been an exploration of the city and the moor, and while I haven't deviated too far from paths normally taken, the routine of looking for a picture a day has led me in a few different directions, and will continue to do so. In some ways this is developing into a nascent psychogeography on a Baildon/Bradford axis, perhaps pushing at the boundaries of psychogeography's primary association with the urban. The interpenetration of the urban and the wild is a conscious theme in my thinking, writing and pictures.

Today's picture explores that theme by looking at how a natural phenomenon - light - shaped by the weather, interacts with an urban form - plate glass - to transmute and distort a further structure, in this case Bradford's Alhambra Theatre. I wrote a little about the Alhambra in Tuesday's blip, its vibrant presence and form symbolically holding up a corner of the city centre against complete collapse.

Thanks for checking in, and here's hoping that the first fifty blips are just the start of the journey.

strong winter sun ~ penetrates ~ the city ~ bending ~ flexing

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