a town called E.

By Eej

Grits -n- greens

I'm calling this one for the 420 Kings; I don't believe for a second Ninjas have any interest in (all-American) grits and greens.
I can, if I use all the imagination I got, see one of the stoners being so overcome with the munchies and love for all things edible that climbing down the wall and announcing his love for all the world to see seemed like a wonderful idea.

Except that this dam is situated between a gas-station and a car-dealership and while there is a sidewalk, it's rarely used. So, when I say 'all the world' I really meant me.

The overgrowth could be a possible cheap solution for the village; in a few years it will be impossible to see what it says so there's no immediate need to clean up. If anyone but me ever finds it. And finds it offensive.

I should try out the recipe.

(Today's photo counts as an example as how I shouldn't be Blipping. All stress about composition and whatnot, and no fun. Shame on me.)


It's weekend! Yay! I'm grumpy! Not so much yay!
Wine and a bit of couch time sounds good :)

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