secret garden

By freespiral

An icy reflection

I started off the day brilliantly with a very rare treat - on my way to get the papers, I saw something in the water, pulled over, leapt out, camera ready of course, and there, a little way out to sea were three otters! They were having a fantastic playful time - leaping out of the water, jumping on each other and lying on their backs. I tried to blip but they were too far out an d too fast so in the end I just watched. They even came out onto a little island for a bit, chased each other around then leapt back into the water.Magical.

A glorious sunny but very cold day. We went for a hill walk and then on down to the strand. The tide was incredibly low and we met a family gathering winkles - to eat! This is our small pond, a little frozen with very colourful reflections amongst the duckweed. You can just see the gable of the house - also blue.

A very enjoyable evening last night too in Lisa's new conservatory. 17 of us, 10 teenagers, sat down to eat. The adults were then left to play silly games, and I expect the teenagers did the same in the their barn! An incredibly clear sky as we drove home over the mountain.

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