My Turkish lunch

I'm crazy about Turkish cooking. T and I had lunch at Öz Urfa in Aachen today and I had this Tavuk sis (the s's in 'sis' have little squiggles on them but you can't see them here). In short: chicken cubes, chili and tomato grilled on a skewer accompanied by a bright salad dusted with sumac. To slather over the chicken, there was a paste of slightly spicy smoked peppers and cacik, a yogurt and cucumber sauce. Beautiful bulgur and a handkerchief of warm, soft pide bread to round it all off. All this for the princely sum of 9 Euros, and the service was excellent.

Lordy, lunch was wonderful. Hungry?

Öz Urfa
Steffenplatz 1
52070 Aachen

T 0241 - 900 5373

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