By treegonk

Luggage Handler

I met Alfie in the station. His lady was getting a burger and he was guarding her luggage. He is a Lhasa Apso, and apparently his granny won Crufts a couple of years ago.

This time I didn't get arrested or stopped for station-snapping. In fact, there was not a policeperson in sight as I wandered round snapping away.

There is something about the station that grabs my camera's attention and I see pictures everywhere. Perhaps the perfect number of after-work beers with my best friend inspired me a bit, but there is definitely something about the station. I almost get image overload and it's hard to know when to stop... When I take one pic, I stand up and look round and there is another.

Jumped in a taxi home when I'd tamed my shutter finger. Just as we pulled away, a semi-naked girl wandered right across the forecourt in a tiny pink tutu and there was a classic pic in the making, but I just shared a laugh with the taxi driver, as I wriggled in frustration that I didn't catch her. (with my camera, of course)

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