2011 photo resolution

By karenanya

Stone Lillies

My lunchtime was cut short as I ended up directing my son to his exam at the Hillsborough Stadium from my desk 300 miles away by means of Google maps and a mobile phone. I'm not sure why he hasn't bought a map of Sheffield by now - he's in his second year there. He did get to the stadium in time and apparently the exam was OK.

So, as a consequence, my lunch time walk took a shorter route around the block. It was grey and miserable again - a marked contrast to yesterday's sun. There's a small cemetery near our building. It is still used for burials and is an odd mixture of old seemingly abandoned plots and very fresh graves adorned with windmills, wind chimes and soft toys.

This cross was on a grave in one of the back corners. The carving of the lillies caught my eye. The cross had been dislodged from its plinth and this whole area looked overgrown and untended.

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