a town called E.

By Eej


... but since I was unable to find one as I believe they are all on holiday somewhere warm: here's a crow. Flying in the snow.

If I had to live one February 2nd over and over again, I think my vote would go to February 2nd 2011.

It started with being called to not come into work today. +1. A lovely moonlit blizzard walk after midnight. +1 again.
Then we watched a bit of Groundhog Day that one of the channels is reliving over and over again all day today.
Then sleep.
Up early enough to still see snow coming down.
Wandering around the house marvelling at the shapes of the drifts.
Baking pancakes while the Beloved yooper-scooped the driveway. And as the bands of snow drifted off, there was sun!

Now, if I did have to relive today over and over I would:
a. bring more birdseed on my walk because apparently the forest birds LOVE me.
b. stock up on my favourite sunglasses that I somehow managed to break so that I don't have to walk home looking crazy.
c. wear waterproof jeans so that kneeling and/or tumbling over backwards in the snow would be less messy and cold.

It still was a magnificent, adventurous walk :)

Squirrel: here.
Flashy midnight blizzard: here.
So the dogs can find 'm: here.

It's crazy that while the US was almost completely covered with one big winterstorm, Australia is battling bigass cyclone Yasi :/

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