By rainie

Red Barn

First of all, again I must thank you all for the many hearts, stars etc from yesterday. The simple rose seemed popular.

I always admire the landscapes with a barn and in particular a red one.....especially from our American friends. I have been quietly on the look out for such a thing, and there aren't too many. Spied a beaut one last Sunday coming home from The Sounds but in a stream of traffic so really wasn't possible. This is local so not too much travelling required.

I felt it isn't up to Patrice's Passion (tried to link it, no luck) but then I haven't got that crisp white snow or mountains, just a fence and a few trees....in fact on further inspection it seems to be more about the fence, oh well.

Home from doing the grocery shopping.....eek & grrrr - expensive, thank goodness my children have long departed.

One eye on the World Rugby Sevens Tournament held here in Wellington. It is just one big party, the dress up costumes are outstanding - the rugby takes second place, infact I really think many of them don't watch the games at all. All good fun.... oh to be young and frivolous!!

Friday and then the weekend, enjoy

Rainie ^_^

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