By Viewpoint

Thinking about frames

Well our day has been decidedly damp, dark and miserable and I haven't been anywhere or done any drawing, which was what I originally intended for the day. I've shopped for a new portable drive on Amazon and spent quite a bit of time trying to price up some frames for a selection of my prints.

The problem is that most of my work is not a standard size so to have it framed professionally the price is fairly exhorbitant. I've been checking out prices for the Lawrence combi frame and comparing this with a couple of sites online and still haven't come to any definite conclusion. As I shopped I also had to have a quick check on who had already blipped and then I panicked and thought, `what will I blip'.

So out came the lensbaby for a few macro shots of the peacocks feather and dried allium, which were nothing at all to do with my day. Well a couple of the macro's turned out to be quite interesting and I'll probably add them to my `In-close' gallery on my folio but in the end I decided to choose this photo which is much more illustrative of my preoccupation today.

Peacock Feather


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