Dutch Skies

By RonBuist

Starry night at the Paterswoldsemeer

Tonight I revisited the site of my 365th blip. The idea was to get a series of shots and generate a cool star trail picture. This time I wanted to shoot for at least one hour so I could get nice and long startrails.

So there I was, standing in the freezing cold. Every 30 seconds another exposure was finished, after which the next one automatically started. The click of the camera was the only sound I heard for quite some time. I got cold and returned to my car to warm up. Around eleven 'o clock I noticed there was a fog coming up so I released the wired remote. I looked at the camera to see the result of the last exposure... and I was in total shock! Because of the weather conditions, the lens had gotten wet. I quickly browsed through all the exposures and found out that only the first 10 minutes or so were any good, the rest was all blurry. Just great!

So no star trail picture; just a single shot taken at the beginning... I'm glad the lens itself and the camera were not damaged. Another valuable lesson... And not all was lost, I do think this image came out quite well!

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