New Dawn #13

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Previous year's worth on the numbered links above, and all together on a whole blipfoto page-and-a-bit to themselves here.

No timelapse video this month, think I'll leave that for the big unveiling in August now with the whole sequence completed.

A few days late with this one due to the weather the past week, but the sun shone and the sky turned perfectly blue this morning. I was actually near enough in the car park at work when I about turned and popped back to snap this; the light was just too good and the radio had said tomorrow wasn't going to be anything like this.

As I stood leaning on the bridge parapet trying to find my mark on the stonework a work colleague passed and shouted an encouraging "Don't do it, don't jump!". That's the kind of month it's been for some of this campus's workforce though and there's potentially going to be few less likely to see the inside of this place by the time August comes round.

Petrol Price update: Another penny-per-litre bump up to 125.9p per litre for unleaded, though for diesel drivers there's been nothing added to that.

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