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17:41 to Glasgow Queen Street

That's what the streak of lights in the bottom left of the image are.

Fantastic colours just after the sun set late this afternoon, and as the daylight hours begin to stretch out I had time to find a good spot to shoot from. Taking in the view over the massive Whisky Bond at Blackgrange, across to Stirling with the Wallace Monument silhouetted on the right, and out beyond to Ben Lomond towering in the distance.

There's more whisky in this shot than nearly anywhere else on this planet - 3 million casks stored in Europe's largest warehouse complex. I'd like to think that the golden glow the mountains and sky have taken on has been caused by the whisky vapours rising from here (the 'Angels' Share'*); Jimi Hendrix may have had his Purple Haze, but Johnny Walker here has an equally impressive Golden Haze.

<airguitar>'Scuse me while I blip the sky </airguitar>


* Thanks for that Andy!

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