Big Wheels

I was hoping to post a shot of the owner of this bike today, but he was a bit shy. I can understand that and I certainly didn't want to push him on the issue as he's a pretty quiet guy, but since he started at college with us last August he's gradually came out his shell and is proving to be an excellent student. In fact, he's never missed a class in all that time (other than the times the snow cancelled them) and he's only ever been late once. That was down to a puncture on this bike here I think.

He kept to himself a lot in the early days, which may be partly down to being home-schooled until he was sixteen, but the rest of his classmates have done a great job of introducing him to all the 'normal' teenage shenanigans that they like to get up to and he's well in with them all now. He's dead keen to get his teeth into anything and everything we've thrown at him too. Potentially one of life's good guys in fact.

All this makes it even more incredulous to think what it was that caused a group of neds to attack him in the street last Sunday morning, fracturing his cheekbone and causing his face to look like it's been used as a football all this week. This was at eight o'clock in the morning too when all he was doing was cycling around doing his paper round.

He says the space cadets that carried out the attack have been caught but I got the feeling he wasn't particularly wanting to go into any more surrounding it when I asked him about it, so again, I didn't push him on it.

So N, I hope the Morrison's carrier bag tied around your saddle today kept the rain off and you didn't have a wet arse on the way home. And, by the way, next time you park your bike in a mobility space I'll be issuing a ticket ;-). Have a good week off buddy.

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