Fathers and Sons

It felt like there was a definite change in the atmosphere outdoors today, a move away from winter towards something resembling spring hopefully.

Headed back up to these falls again today, this time with Euan in tow (he is up there, camouflaged and taking a video from atop the old mill wall. There was a lot more water churning over the rocks than last Sunday, too much in fact for these guys to have any chance of catching a fish as the lines were getting swept away and tangled up in all the bits of trees floating in there. After climbing scrambling up there like an auld wummin I had a chat with the two anglers' Dad who's main plan for the day was just to get out for a bit of fresh air with the laddies. He also pointed me in the direction of a nearby disused quarry that would good for a few photos (Cheers for that, found it on the map so will pop up that way soon) and I left him a card with my journal details* before heading up and over the hills for a bit of a hike in the sunshine.

Bagged another geocache too after Euan wondered if there might be any nearby as we wandered up in the woods above Gartmorn dam. That's a whole two we've found now... woohoo!

Hopefully this is the start of the season for these kind of great walks out and about, I really enjoyed that today and I know Euan did too (climbing, water, wellies, mud; you can't go wrong).

* Sorry, I didn't catch your name today, but if you find this journal and would like copy of this pic, drop us an email - delphwynd[@]me[.]com (remove square brackets for address) - and I'll be happy to send these along to you.

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