The Lozarithm Lens

By lozarithm

Lacock Abbey

It finally stopped raining this afternoon and I ventured out to Lacock, a National Trust village just a few miles away. There were plenty of signs of spring but after the last couple of days I thought I should post something else (there are links to a couple of pictures of them below).

Lacock Abbey was once the home of William Henry Fox Talbot, who was the inventor of the negative/positive photographic process that was crucial to the development of photography. The picture he took of the oriel window at Lacock Abbey in 1835 is regarded as the first successful photographic image.

By way of homage, this is a window at the same Abbey, taken in the cloisters that are now famous as being the site of the Hogwarts classroom, featured in the first two Harry Potter films.

Lens: Pentax 12-24mm

Windows And Shadows
Signs Of Spring #1 (Sigma 70-300mm)
Signs Of Spring #2 (Sigma 70-300mm)
I note that, although these are correctly positioned on their map, Flickr reports that these were taken in Thingley, a village a few miles west of Lacock that I have never visited - perhaps I should, and see where Flickr thinks I am then :-).

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