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By anth

Would you give this man a job? (part two)

Or 'The Four Stages of Anth: Wake, Ride, Work, Play'

Following on from this blip...

Second interview today with an august Edinburgh financial institution, went pretty well I think... Won't find out till the start of next week...

Other than that a bit of a crappy day in the office. The strange attitudes of the bosses continue - today a bit of a moral high ground being taken by them over a 'commitment' I made to do some work in Kosovo (this commitment being made before we were all made redundant). It was even mentioned that there was a possibility of extending employment into May to do a second Kosovo trip.

Er. Yeah. A possibility mooted by you which I turned down at the time! And anyway, the email that she responded to with the snippy reference to my 'commitment' actually set out that I was making myself available for the days I'd initially mentioned, just starting at a slightly different date. Ah. Not reading messages properly and over-reacting causing unnecessary stress for everyone around you. And you wonder why the company has gone under to the extent it has...

Anyway, home for a first taste of squirrel. Finally the game man at the Farmers Market has found a regular supplier (and sells out every week apparently), so we indulged. And. Meh. Bit underwhelming. Had read it being compared to rabbit (which is logical). It's not as gamey, and just a little odd. We'll just have to help out the reds in ways non-carniverous...

And now on to the pub quiz (where apparently we're going to have a team of 7, which is big enough to raise eyebrows from other teams, but also to make gaining a consensus on answers more difficult. I think I'll sit and drink and chat to mate Craig, on a short trip home from working in Oz, and leave question-answering to others.

p.s. must blip the Star Wars poster in the background of the last pic at some point - bought for me for my 30th birthday, how on earth did I manage to find a girlfriend who likes Star Wars?

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