Pictorial Allsorts

By calvininjax

Fallen Camellia

I felt a lot better today. The situation back in the UK remains the same, it is just a question of waiting for the denouement. I guess after yesterday, the only way was up. At least I have been able to put my mind to things and even mowed the front and back yards or gardens as I prefer to call them, with me being English.

The temperature touched 72 degrees and I was out walking in just shirtsleeves. Sorry to rub it in for those of you in more northerly climes. Northeast Florida may have its faults, indeed there are many, but the weather is one redeeming feature.

I walked as far as the St Johns River and on my way spotted a camellia bush. The fallen blossoms scattered on the ground seemed an allegory of what is going on in the UK. It is important to focus on the beauty rather than the sadness.

Ooo 'eck! I am getting all philosophical. :-)

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