By Barking


We headed off to Diamond Harbour today. At first we had to wear jerseys as it was windy and grey. We took Cousteau to Victoria Dogpark, which is an awesome place with lots of great things for him to sniff. Then, while we grabbed (a very expensive) bite to eat at Godley House, the sky just got bluer and bluer.

Unfortunately most of the photos I took down at the jetty were overexposed as I haven't sussed out the whole light compensation thing. However, I liked this one of the garden at Godley House, with the Agapanthus peeping through.

I remember the first time I visited Diamond Harbour. I went to a wedding in this house. It was idyllic with barefoot dancing on the lawn and the vows were said under this very tree. A beautiful spot.

Cousteau had his vaccinations and wellness check this morning. He weighs in at a whopping 33.3 kg and we got a clean bill of everything and special congratulations on his toothie pegs! All that brushing that Canterbury finds so hilarious is obviously paying off and he has the Colgate (more like gopping malty flavoured doggy toothpaste) smile to show for it!


Sp33dway's shot has got me coming back again and again today.

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