horns of wilmington's cow

By anth

Thaaaaaaaaaat's Amore!

A day which started badly, and bruisedly - came off the bike, front wheel hit some shiny tar edging, ironically, a patched up bit of road, causing a slide, which may have been saved but for the fact that the slide took me into the face down roadworks sign lying in the road which would have warned me of the presence of the aforementioned odd surfacing. Me = Sack of Tatties. One banged up and skinned knee; scraped thigh on the opposite leg (presumably from the handlebars); bloody sore left side of my chest with possible rib-bruising where the left arm was tucked in to save breaking it (I've learned from me elbow-shattering cycle speedway days). Of more immediate pain was pride as, in response to a shout from a nearby bus stop, I waved an arm from my prone position to indicate I was fine. Funnily enough coming off in what most would see as a 'scummy' area of town will always lead to someone checking on your wellbeing. Come off surrounded by more affluence and people will step over you or look the other way.

A day which had a reasonable middle - phonecall from the recruitment agent who had been asked by prospective employer to see if I would consider an initial 9 month temporary contract. The reason being a remaining question mark hanging over my total lack of experience in the financial services sector. Hell, a contract is a contract, these things are learned. 9 months? I'll know it inside out. It's not a concrete offer yet, but the noises (that personality, and every other way, wise they really like me), and the wording of the request, mean I'm hopeful of something (even if it is likely Tuesday I'll hear at the earliest). I'm not counting any chickens though. Done that before and been let down.

A day which had a relaxed afternoon - a couple of people at work with access to purse strings decided the six of us in the office could benefit from being bought lunch to indulge in the boardroom. Which was followed by three and more hours of chatting, bitching, laughing and comparing of experiences of impending redundancy. And at 4 we all decided the office really should shut around 4.30.

A day which had a cracking end - out for drinks in Bramble (such a nice wee place, with great staff who can actually tell you about the beers they have) and dinner in Amore Dogs (big fan of the Dogs, and of Seadogs) which really was very nice indeed. And which gave me my grainy, fuzzy blip (other than this I had a few reasonable shots from a stop by Duddingston Loch on the way home, but this was more in keeping with the day).

So as I type I'm sore, hopeful, relaxed, and full. Not a bad combination (since I'm able to put the pain into perspective, sadly I've had greater pain caused by my own daftness resulting in breaks, tears, pops and blood in my life - the current litany is a mere inconvenience).

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