Tourist shot 2

Last day in London. It was a good weekend despite the Morrissey let down. We got up early this morning to get plenty done then discovered not much opens until twelve on a Sunday in London. As a result we took advantage of our hotel being right on Hyde Park to go for a morning walk down to the Serpentine. The weather was pretty pleasant and it was pretty scenic for a man made lake. After that we wandered down to Knightsbridge then eventually back up Park Lane to the hotel to check out of the hotel.

aftyer that it was a sedate afternoon of wandering round the shops stopping for drinks and nibbles every so often, then back up to St Pancras for the train to the airport. No delays on the flight back up, so we picked up Maddy and then the cats at a reasonable time.

this is a shot of Marble Arch obviously, but the building on the right of the shot is our hotel to show just how close to Hyde Park we were.

The photos for Friday and Saturday are up now too.

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