May I present.... 500 Blips!

I thought that since I have been watching and giving a lot of presentations during my time at Babson it was an appropriate way to celebrate my 500th blip.

Much is said on these occasions, and often far more eloquently than I could ever manage, but I do owe HUGE thanks to BlipCentral for sharing this wonderful site with us.

I have been very bad at commenting lately as I have been insanely busy, but I have still been enjoying many blips and I hope that my blips have been providing some insight into what I am doing for my family and friends. It has certainly been a wonderful form of escapism for me to try to create a new image each day, and so far I have managed it - 500 without a break. Thank you once again to those who comment on my images!

I don't really have time to pick and link a top 10, so instead I simply invite you to browse if you feel so inclined. There are links to my other celebration blips from my about page if you are interested too.

Finally, thank you MrsCyclops for encouraging me - in blipping, in doing this fellowship programme, and in life. I miss her terribly, but we're more than half way through now and we'll see each other at the weekend - how exciting is that!!!

Roll on 1000???

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