A Blip on the Reidar

By reidar

Its not right...

...it shouldn't be that dark at the back of 8am should it? I'm not a big fan of the dark nights/mornings, it plays with your head and stuff.

Took this in the Public Park while Reidar Jnr and I walked Missus Reidar to the train station. I had the IXUS 400 with me and really didn't expect it to pick up anything worthwhile so I was pleasantly surprised by the result. It looks okay on my screen at home but I wonder how many computer screens will show it as dark mass with some red and yellow in it? Having used the EOS 350D for the last few days going back to the IXUS is quite annoying but inevitable. The picture itself shows the old Band Stand that has seen better days. I like it a lot and will probably take more photo's of it as the year drags by. Its a shame its in a pretty poor state. I've no idea when it was built but I remember seeing a brass band playing in it when I was a wee nipper back in the 70s.

Back to (proper) work tomorrow so Christmas is well and truly buried now...

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