Particles & Waves

By EdwardFenner

Silver Sales-Chimp

No idea why a silver chimp is hocking handbags, but it certainly catches one's attention. I found this plastic robo-chimp on the main floor or The Bay store at Queen & Yonge - where both Linda (Watt's Up?) and I worked many years ago. We were both downtown for the Toronto blipmeet where we met blipsters stuff (more stuff), lrw (Sonata Lover), togrrrl (Moments) plus Dan and Karin. It was great fun and we must meet again soon. Strangely, Dan and I share a birthday. He turned 13 the day I first took breath and we both have rotten knees and walk with a cane/stick.

Yesterday's blip: Students for a Free Tibet

No, you are not mistaken. I changed my journal title from my name to Particles and Waves.

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