By wingpig

all a non-growing boy needs

Since I lost the ability about four years ago to eat huge platesful of whatever the hell I liked without ever feeling full I've slowly converted to an healthier diet in preparation for resisting podge along the apparently slippery slope of the thirties. I first noticed it one day when I became full halfway through a perfectly normal bowl of corned beef hash. I thought I'd maybe just had too large a lunch and forgot about it only for it to happen again a few months later; what was worse was that there was a tiny but perceptible increase in the amount of background fat over my kidneys which had been constant for the previous fifteen years. A couple of days later my bike had been fished out of the cupboard (if fidgeting and walking alone wasn't going to be enough) and I started balancing muffin consumption against exercise taken. I don't think I lost any weight but I went down a belt hole and stopped feeling horrible and wobbly. Incidentally in the last six months since I started going for long walks every evening in order to get a usable picture I've lost half a stone and am the lightest I've been since I couldn't afford food when I was twenty. Cycling is slightly less time-consuming though if you've a lot of muffins to eat and only a limited amount of time to counteract them.

One pepper and one carrot cut into thin-ish strips washed in cold water and accompanied by lettuce if you have any. Mix together a large spash of olive oil with a small splash of balsamic vinegar and add a bit of basil and garlic. Mix together and either eat straight from the saucepan in which you mixed them (using chopsticks to avoid greasy fingers) or wrap up in wraps if you remembered to buy some. If you were expecting something murkier and more streetlit then it's here - fancied a wee change today.

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