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Grey or gray

This is my grey entry for my 12 colours project. Only 1 more to go!!! It's funny how now I find perfect things to picture in other colours! Hahaha! If you want to see the entry for my 1st project click here.

A perfectly sunny day this morning turned utterly grey this afternoon. If it was possible to take a picture of a grey day, I would, and that would be my entry, but it's not that easy!

This morning, on my way to take the bus to go to the gym, I saw this poor wee dog attached to a lampost who seemed to have got one of his legs accidentally tangled in his own leash. The poor thing couldn't stand straight. I wanted to help the wee dog, but I hesitated initially because I thought that the owner might be mad at me for getting any close to the dog (I live in Leith, and there are some crazy people around. If you go to my white entry you can read what happened with that woman in white and see what I mean). But I finally decided to help and face the consequences. I untangled the dog's leg, the dog was happy and the owner didn't appear. So, happy ending to the story!

I took this picture just as I was leaving the gym. Now feeling great after a good session. No plans yet for this evenig but things might change, who knows!

Tomorrow last colour: black!

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