A Seat, To Take A Rest

No, not a rest from blipping, Just a rest from that walk I did yesterday in silly shoes! (I've done a lot of blips in the wrong shoes so yesterday's had to follow suit!) The restful day meant doing a simple shot of a seat on my way to work because I don't get home til late on Thursdays.

Thank you all SO much.

I have been overwhelmed with the comments on my 730th blip yesterday, I may not get to thank you all personally though I would like to. Not just that, many of you also took the trouble to have a look at our website and some even emailed or left some useful ideas or corrections. A lot still needs to be done, we are working on it.

None of the fun I have with photography would have happened without Blip and I wouldn't have had the inspiration without you. Whatever the next year holds, and we never do know, I hope I keep blipping every day.

No resting yet!

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