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Musical challenge 4 - The Musical Spirit

4th entry for the Musical May Challenge

Today I chose this very weird looking picture, where one of my working colleagues is looking like some kind of sprit or ghost! Hahaha! This is the room where we talk to people about the different malt whisky producing regions and blends. You may wonder about the musical notes. Well, we compare blended whiskies to an orquestra because of the harmony in which all the ingredients are mixed to produce the perfect blend. So, there you are, I hope it makes any sense now! So, in a way, a blended whisky is a musical "spirit" in the same way as my friend suspended in mid air!

So, yes, another silly musical blip! I can tell you we had a good laugh taking the shots! Hahaha!

Today it was my 3rd day of my challenge of not moaning or complaining at work for 4 days. I didn't moan or complain, which was rather challenging today, because there were lots of things to moan about and I had to listen to all my colleagues moaning, while I just couldn't do it! Really difficult! So, I'm proud of myself! The guy who's not getting the cake, by the way, is the musical "spirit" you can see in the picture! Hahaha!

Changing the subject, I wrote an email of complaint to Lothian Buses the other day about the ticket incident. Ok, they don't only say it's actually my fault for not checking the ticket but they have also offered me a scratch card as way of compensation. A scratch card! Cheeky bastards! (excuse my French!) I'm thinking about a suitable reply to this.

Anyway,feeling rather tired and sore as well, as expected. That gym session killed me yesterday and I can really feel it. So, nice and relaxing evening today with a glass of red, getting ready for my last non-moaning day tomorrow! God knows what will happen at the weekend when I can actually release all my moans!!! :)

Thanks very much for all your comments. I hope you all had a good day! :)

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