a town called E.

By Eej

Big Fat ...


Yesterday's deliciously fragrant package came from the lovely Deb, from A Walk Through Deb's Life and Big Fat Soap fame.
For her birthday (because she is THAT wonderful), she sent me a package with some of her handy work and it smells so good you want to rub your face in it. *pauses*
Hmmmm, it seems I'm onto something here ...

Anyway, here I am modelling patchouli/geranium which was utterly lovely and doesn't smell at all like old hippies ;)

Thank you, sweet Deb, you are a bright and shining star in my Blip-Universe, and I'm glad to be your (fresh and wonderful smelling) Blip-friend.

ps. I am a bit uncomfortable with two SP's in one week. Maybe the fact that I lack any confidence whatsoever makes up for what I perceive as self-indulgent?

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