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The last few weeks I've been taking around 500 photos a day, yes, you read that correctly! Mostly of a small robin called Larry Legs. Today I took... 12! Yes, you read that correctly! The weather has been dreadful, drizzle, cold, wind, mist - earlier I likened it to the Grimpin Mire & was expecting a hell hound to jump out of the mist to get me...

Luckily I took this photo before the weather closed in, & is the 3rd day of taking a picture of this poppy, this is the first and this is the second, & I'll keep on taking a picture of this poppy every day until it's no more... just a small experiment, not for anything in particular, just to see it's natural cycle!

Thanks for all the comments on my previous blip of King Larry - he takes some beating that long legged friend of mine. I have seen him today & he's very well!

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