Dolcezza Della Vita

By Dolcezza


About a year ago I was over at the folks playing with Jaxx...he weighs just about as much as I do...he's a big dog. He must have come at me from an angle as I was laughing/smiling and hit me right in the upper lip with his nose. I didnt think twice about it - but he stopped - sat down - and lifted his paw as if he did something bad.

I looked down on the carpet and saw blood...ran to the bathroom and looked in the mirror...busted lip. It was like a dream - it didn't seem real. It was a huge cut and deep - almost all the way through the skin.

My mother rushed in and took a look at it and pulled the skin apart to see how deep it was...I don't deal well with the scent of blood, so next thing I remember was being the hospital and doctors were trying to figure out how to stitch it back together - they decided with the dissolvable stitches.

I sat there so scared - I've never really had serious injuries before. To my surprise, it didn't hurt, no pain at all, but I kept thinking back how deep the cut was and worried how it was going to heal. They gave me injections around my lips to numb it and then the doc began to sow it together - kept promising me that it was going to be alright, it would heal and I wouldn't even think twice about it...I smelled blood again...almost passed out again...but I tried hard to stay awake...

Then came the process of going back and filling out the paperwork - I got questioned over and over how the accident happened - if I got punched, beat up, the same questions, by different people. I guess it's good to know that they are making sure it's not an abuse case. I kept saying DOG, THE DOG HIT ME WITH HIS NOSE...I was getting quite irritated and just wanted to get out of there. Got day my lip was black and blue and swollen...a few weeks later it was looking better...months later it was fine...a little tightness.

The accident happened on the left side of the lip picture - a scar is still visible, probably will always be there, but oh well...its not a big deal. I'm not a vain person - but I was concerned how it was going to end up looking once it healed - it all worked out stitched me back even! ;) Do I still play rough with Jaxx...NO! Lesson learned...poor thing didn't mean it, he just doesn't know his size...

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