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WHW Day 8 - Moonrise over Ben Nevis


Well we made it. 95 miles from Milngavie (just north of Glasgow) to Fort William, through some amazing rugged scenery.

And what a day to finish on. There wasn't a cloud in the sky this morning and we made good time on the slog up to Lairige Moire (the big pass) from Kinlochleven. It was a long day too at 14.25 miles. By the time we were trudging though Nevis forest and then down the final stretch on the road to Nevis Bridge, we were knackered and sore.

Quite a few good shots today, but the moonrise over the shoulder of Ben Nevis was spectacular this evening. I would have killed for a tripod, but had to make do with a fence post and a wedge of wood!

We stayed at the excellent Achintee Farm (the guest house) and had dinner at the Nevis Inn - right at the foot of Ben Nevis.

A magical end to a brilliant experience.

Now, where's my taxi home....

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