For a Colder World.

Took a quick trip to Newhall Point on the Cromarty Firth which today was blessed with two cruise ships - the "Aidablu" and "Silver Cloud".
Across the water, quite narrow here, a cargo ship "BBC Brazil" was moored at Invergordon having arrived from Bremerhaven. BBC is a charter company and this ship is Marshall Islands flagged. It's loading or unloading what look to me like blades for a wind turbine. Must be quite a delicate task as quite a strong wind was blowing so you can't be too gung ho. Mind you from what I've seen of these turbines they're not much affected by wind as they usually seem to be stopped or pretty lethargic. The government has decided it wants to make the world colder and hence we taxpayers are paying millions in various subsidies and surcharges to electricity bills, to introduce new technology. Let's hope the people in charge do a better job than Edinburgh's tram people.

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