a town called E.

By Eej

The fun never stops ...

... with a cat like Harley.

This year we went from upper respiratory infection to ear infection to broken pelvis to pneumonia to massive wound. Or at least what seems massive if she's lounging about on your keyboard and you pet her and grab in something warm and moist and realise it's blood.
We cleaned it, cut her nails so she can't scratch, put her down on the floor and she proceeded to demonstrate how she can still lick it. We then proceeded to demonstrate to her that we can use a paper plate as a cone-of-shame. Sadly, it was our last paper plate and there is evidence of blueberries on there from yesterday. That adds somehow to making me feel VERY guilty, which in turn leads to me giving her many, many snacks.

We have 4 other cats. They are a breeze. And they never give the stink-eye.

Black Swan was good. I yelped quite a bit and never once dozed off.

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