Dolcezza Della Vita

By Dolcezza


I am such a silly tired person! I either start to rhyme or I say the most random combine words because I'm too lazy to say them separately. My latest special word...cratisfaction. I was trying to say something to Noah about satisfying a craving - but came out totally wrong ;)

Thank you for all the well wishes...I'm feeling a lot better today. I was craving one of Noah's famous dishes (and one of my favorites)...Turkey Piccata! Dredged turkey cutlets in flour/salt/lemon pepper and sautéed them in a pan of melted butter. Added lots of lemon over the turkey as I was flipping sides. Added some capers as well.

I also cooked up a batch of wild rice - Noah normally makes brown, but I love the texture and taste of's so delish! Next I sliced zucchini and added it to pan...squeezed lemon juice, added capers, and seasoned them well with a little lemon pepper. Left out the white wine...I didn't have any in the house.

Final verdict...craving satisfied...I give it a 7.5 out of 10. Loved the rice, turkey was great and lemony, and the zucchini was yummy. Not as good as Noah's...after all, he is quite amazing in the kitchen! Cooking is definitely one of the things we enjoy together!

I just realized I've been blipping food all week long...I think I'll continue with the theme...a few more days at least ;)

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