By Barking

Feelin' Groovy

Today I slowed down as Chrism suggested a few days ago.

Canterbury mowed the lawn.

I did some weeding and then lay on my stomach for 20 minutes, waiting for this wee one to come out of his shell. It took that long from rescuing him from the long grass (about to be cut) and him peeking out. Then he got bold and started moving. A few moments later he retreated to his shell again and refused to come out. I had enough shots by then and popped him in a safe place, away from the prying eyes of birds, or anything else that might want to harm him.

I focused on his 'eye' because I think it's cool. The sparkles in the background are the bubbles he was blowing at me.

One thing you taught me was if you do it, do it well
No point in always trying to beat the bell
Now I know that you get out what you put in
And by taking the short cut, you never really win.

Thanks for the lovely comments on yesterday's post.


End of day

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