All that could be heard was the creaking of expanding wood and the slow friction of rope as the sails gently ebbed through the thick heavy air. The small tribe of OpalFruitian sailors were hopelessly lost drifting aimlessly through the uncharted waters.

They were heading on to the promised land of StarBurstia when they got lost as part of the convoy. The fog descended all of a sudden, ripping them from the rest of the tribe and cutting them off. Will they ever be re-united and find the promised land? They sail on hopelessly but hoping.


Notes on Opal Fruits...
Did you know that Opal Fruits now print wee cookie on their individual sweet wrappers sort of like the way Innocent Smoothie cats print message under their bottles. Some examples of the pearls of wisdom are; "What noise would a Lion-Dog make?", "Pretend you're a ballerina. Spiiinn!", "Can you wiggle one eyebrow?"

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