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By Lesley


A monumentally busy Saturday that's for sure. An early start as A now has to be at her ballet class at 8.30am every other week until the end of term when she takes her first exam. So oddly the first day of the weekend found us up, breakfasted and dressed and out of the house earlier than we are during the week. However you look at it that can't be right. But actually it was okay as the neighbours headed around to ours to watch the rugby with C&J and I hid myself away in a corner of Starbucks with a newspaper. Actually with the extra class on top of her usual 1.25hr of dancing I did some work as well which was a good thing as I was starting to worry about being a bit behind and now I'm not (worrying that is) so it was worth it.

Then a quick run around Chiswick to pick up a birthday present, lunch for friends coming around tomorrow and four new pet fish (2 zebras and 2 leopards to add to the 2 guppies).

A very quick turnaround at home before heading into town to meet friends for a picnic lunch on the grass near City Hall before me and J joined them to see Billy the Kid at the Unicorn Theatre and C&A headed off to the Garrick Theatre to see the GoGoGo show. Our show ended first so we had the opportunity of a leisurely walk along the river and over London Bridge to find the Monument to the Great Fire of London. And here it is. J did a big project at school last year on the Great Fire of London and was very excited to see this and the nearby Pudding Lane.

We headed home for a busy hour of cooking and cleaning (me), kicking a ball around the garden (J) before heading out for the final time to meet C&A and take J off for a much needed haircut.

Now I am sat on the sofa with a glass of wine about to catch up on Strictly Come Dancing - and relax.

I took loads of pictures today. The area along the river by City Hall is head-spinningly crammed with iconic buildings and I was struggling to choose just one. So I asked J and he was adamant it had to be the Monument. I don't know whether it was how they did the project or something about the event itself but the Great Fire of London really captured J's imagination and he grinned from ear to ear when we saw the Monument so I couldn't refuse him this blip. I'm trying not to mind the building under scaffolding. Actually one of the other things I could have blipped would have been a crane-filled scene as there seems to be a lot of building work happening along the river.

Anyway, wine, dancing and Dr Who wait. The right Saturday evening for the end of a busy day.

Lesley x

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