MV Tuhoe

A leisurely chug down the Kaiapoi River to the sea on the MV Tuhoe, a twin-masted, steam powered schooner. Named after the Maori tribe, Tuhoe - 'the children of the mist' - nice day to be on the river.

I called in to see whats happening with the Pied Shag's - I could only see one parent and one nestling, the older stronger one but then this little head popped up of the younger, weaker one but only for a minute. I don't think its getting fed and feel its days are numbered in which case the older nestling could be fledging very soon.

Well, its all rugby tonight with two big games on - Australia v South Africa and our mighty All Blacks v Argentina - Go All Blacks!!!!

Hope your all enjoying the weekend - Monday tomorrow, no work for Hubby, no school for Daughter E and its the gym for me :)

8.34pm  Earthquake measuring 5.5 has just rattled through with a good rolling shake following!!!

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