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Little, Drummer & Wife

We blew off swimming this morning as Baby is not 100% with a bit of a cough and his teeth are still giving him grief. So whilst everyone else was pretending to be Welsh this morning I was hoovering. After the hoovering we headed out of town and up the hill to Fort Nelson which has had quite an overhaul in recent months.

This is the first time we have been there we a couple of years and the change is dramatic, in a very good way. There is lots and lots to do, all very involving and interactive which the kids loved. The particular favorite was this room where when I walked in they were all ready in position for me to get the camera out. The next room was not quite as nice as you could get a whiff of gangrene which was not so nice.

After a run around in all the tunnels we watched them fire a a big cannony gun, which hurt my ears a bit and made Toddler want to go home, so we did. Even with the big bang I think they had a fun day, giving Baby some distraction from hisaches and pains, which was probably why they ended up napping all the way home.

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