cupcake y cumpleaños

A very happy birthday goes out to a certain señor in the Dominican Republic; some might remember him from back in May. Or perhaps when he* came to visit me in August. I found a special cupcake today that I am sending several thousand miles away from Texas to the DR. And since it's daylight savings time over here, we're celebrating November 6th for an extra hour... making it officially the longest day of the year in the States. Lucky, lucky, lucky. (18, 18, 18.)

*my favorite one.

Took a lovely walk to find this giant cupcake for Mau.
Wishing you the best birthday ever today, MAH. Hope to see you sooner rather than later. Let me know how 29 feels. I haven't decided if I'm ever turning 29 yet. (Though... 29 is pretty damn sexy.)

Ohh... this is also my 1111th entry. That seems pretty lucky too. I like that number. Spending every other second of today studying for our second Neuroanatomy exam tomorrow.

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