Marjorie's ramblings

By walkingMarj

Making the most of every day

Here are my wonderful neighbours and friends, G and M. Neither is in good health, but they get out every day and take exercise, attend meetings and follow all sorts of activities.

Today was bitterly cold and you can see there is some snow/ice left on the lawn from yesterday. G and M were outside planting birch trees to fill in a gap left when the massive beech tree in their garden had to be felled.

I thought it was too cold for gardening and confined myself to editing photos. When I came to print the two for my Photo Club competition entry tonight, one of the printer nozzles was blocked. Much time wasted, as well as ink, before being sure this was the problem. It's going to need more than a quick head clean - need isopropyl alcohol and lint I'm told. Sigh.........

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