Back from the dead

I started the weekend with a morning run and got my obligatory run photos, one or two of I thought would do for my blip. We then packed up the car and headed north with J and T Rex to spend the next two days and more here at the beach house.

J is the architect daughter who is responsible for the wonderful kitchen and the general proportions of the renovations/remediation of the original house which has transformed to a place of peace and rest. Her friend and colleague did the final drawings in consultation with J, and it was great for her to be here and see the results of her vision.

Pottering around outside during a break from the agenda papers, I looked into this large pot which had been shoved in a corner for the last ten months.

When we had our home in Herne Bay I demolished a rather broken down gateway from the back garden to the side and then front of the house, and in the process hacked away at a big root that was in the way. Much to the distress of dear S, because this was the ancient wisteria. OOOPs indeed. Oh well; in the garden I provide the muscle, not the brain. I then constructed a rather odd seat, and the next spring up popped a very healthy wisteria vine to cover the new seat with leaves and flowers. And continued to do so until after we left.

When we left the old villa (nearly ten years ago) S took some cuttings and potted them up. No space on the deck, so they went to daughter J's back yard for care till we worked out what to do with them. Time, and life, moved ever onwards, as it does, and the pots (numerous in fact, with a wide range of saved plants) became neglected and overgrown in the backyard. Daughter C and her family now stay in that house and their dogs needed space and fencing so the pots were investigated.

The wisteria pots were empty of all but weeds. This (the largest pot) I left weeded and apparently empty. The wisteria poked up its head again, and we brought it here to the beach house where it received just enough attention to survive and look strong and healthy. Until the renovations/repairs. Total neglect in another part of the property out of the way of the builders.

When we came back a couple of months ago the pot was again empty of all but weeds, and the gardener in the family (S) was convinced that this time the wisteria was done for. I carefully removed the weeds and then forgot about it.

Today, this is what greeted us. Such a desire for life deserves reward. I'm not sure my/our neglect deserves it, but in gratitude we accept.

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