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By Connections

Kissing Cousins?

I realize this is not exactly a festive winter holiday shot, but it's what I caught my eye while walking Miss Annie this morning. In fact, I became quite entranced by the variety and degree of decay and deconstruction possible amongst rugosa rose hips in one small bed. This one had a certain jaunty charm, while a sea monster came to mind when I looked at this photo.

As I compared several versions of today's image, zooming in to try to ascertain which one was closest to being in focus, the shapes of the two rose hips and their "eyes" (a hole on the right one, and some little bug on the left one) looked to me like two somewhat strange-looking people in close proximity, perhaps about to attempt osculation. (A kissing cousin, according to Merriam-Webster online, is "a person and especially a relative whom one knows well enough to kiss more or less formally upon meeting," while the Urban Dictionary online provided two related definitions: "(1) ...any cousin that is not a first cousin and (2) a distant relative known well enough to kiss when greeting.")

Weirdness wins today, but I would like to take another moment of your time to pay homage to my Blip Buddy, PaulFS, by debuting my first two attempts at Blip Drips, an art which he has long since mastered, as seen in this recent example. Here's mine of a somewhat similar subject, and another involving a Japanese maple branch. Plenty of challenges there for the foreseeable future!

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