the ugly stick

It was almost a relief to get inside the office this morning where the air was slightly less threateningly warm, still and muggy and the atmosphere relatively calm if only because the people with shiny shoes wearing suit jackets were mostly sitting down rather than walking at speeds dangerous to the overdressed through the stifling air. The muffins were melting on the shelf in the shop, too; one day when I forget to get one from the freezer at home I'll have too see if it's possible to take one from the shelf and secrete it behind the refrigerated items and pop back to pick it up after an hour or so when it would be nicely chilled. A warm muffin simply doesn't stick together properly and makes a terrible mess of fingers and desk when an attempt to eat it is made.

Given the sunniness and stillness and relative calm of the day I was almost convinced it was Friday when I left this evening. Usually this would be annoying but unless something spectacularly irritating and time-consuming pops up tomorrow it just means that there's an extra evening's worth of Friday feeling this week. Proper Friday tomorrow should be even better with a nice relaxing train journey westwards and the possibility of a nice tasty pasty in the station beforehand if we time it right. As I didn't make it to TreeFest this year I'm technically owed a pasty so might have two in case we don't make the connection in Glasgow.

After messing up the recently-cleaned bathroom firstly by dripping rain in it after popping out for a walk round the hill and getting throroughly but happily soaked by massive droplets of rain then by giving myself an haircut and beard trim I considered that my increasing number of rogue codger-eyebrows are now the longest hairs on my head by a factor of at least two. I don't recall my dad's eyebrows going too mental until his mid-forties unless they've just become more noticeable as they whiten. In any case their performance has not noticeably improved as a large amount of rain was trickling over them and into my eyes although given the volume of rain it was probably inevitable. I wonder if there's any correlation between the amount someone sweats from their forehead and the size of the drip-deflecting eyebrows beneath?

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