you do yours, I'll do mine

I always wonder if people outside trains can make out people inside trains clearly enough to work out what they're doing; faced with an head-shaped silhouette the eyes will naturally look where the eyes facing them should be even if they can't see them. This bloke was looking mildly vexed even before he looked in my direction but as he didn't stomp back onto the train (possibly accompanied by British Transportative Fuzz) to ask for my memory card I can only assume he had either just knocked off for the evening or couldn't be bothered or just couldn't see me clearly. Unfortunately by the time we hit Irvine the illuminated train-belly coupled with the darkening outside meant that the oddly-attired people on the platform would have been able to see me had I attempted to record their appearance as a warning to all.

To top off the nowhere-near-as-bad-as-expected week I had a nice-ish and reasonably relaxed day featuring the solution of two old issues and one new niggle (cheers, Derek), the walk to another office and back wearing meeting-outside-of-the-department-regulation long trousers wasn't too sweatifying as I had to slow right down to my manager's pace, I managed to avoid buying any extra food at lunchtime meaning I was hungry enough to merit a pasty by the time we got to Glasgow Central (though it was shite and tasteless and had a touch of the Greggs about the pastry) and new issues of both subscriptions had arrived in time to be collected after work and taken on the train to read. We also saw a bloke come within a few inches of being flattened by a bus on the inter-station walk. Unfortunately I can't get any internet through the mobile so shall have to complete posting in the morning. The midges are starting to appear, too. No bites yet but it feels like they're trying.

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